Handbags and wallets with Light Technology

Glass Handbag is the first planner of lighted totes. Glass Handbags works with three key parts calfskin, fittings and hardware to make a sack that is commonsense, slick, and top-quality. The objective of this creative organization is to make quality totes, totes & nighttime packs with capacity and style.

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Furthermore every tote or satchel you will discover in the lovely accumulation has incorporated light innovation permitting you to see the whole substance of you sack in nature’s domain. The incorporated light board is placed safely and prudently on one side of the tote and is enlightened by the opening of the pack. As you close the sack, the light turns off advancing battery life. This slender, dampness safe board is adaptable, and does not create warm, so its totally alright for your pack substance and in addition the fabric the sack is made of. What’s more with a battery life of 25,000 hours, you are certain to receive your utilization in return!

Alongside having this inventive inherent lighting capacity, all the packs from Glass Handbag are hand-made with top-quality material and the most mold cognizant styles accessible. These architect purses have wonderful cowhide surfaces with everything from intriguing embellished examples to smooth patent calfskins. Glass Handbag has an incredible choice of purses, totes and grips that go from all styles. In case you’re searching for an exquisite night sack for a formal event or a super-fun grasp for nights out, Glass Handbag has what you’re searching for. Alternately in case you’re in the business for a regular cowhide bag or shoulder pack, Glass Handbag has it as well!